Do you have any of these skills? If you do, then volunteer!!!

  • Labor / Building Racks / Shelving
  • Cashier / Register
  • Front Door
  • Security
  • Check-in Items
  • Carry out Large Items
  • General Help

Volunteers who also consign AND work 2 or more 4 hour shifts, will receive 70% from the sales of your sold items.

Volunteering is fun and it’s a great way to have first look at what items are being consigned. We need volunteers and couldn’t have a successful sale without your help.

You can either volunteer your services to get a pre-sale pass for you or a loved one or you can be a consignor that also wants to volunteer.

We need volunteers of all sorts.

There will also be post sale volunteer shifts needed to be filled. These people will still get the presale pass.


We need as many volunteers as possible. A volunteer will get 2 pre-sale passes for working a 4 hour shift. These pre-sale passes will allow you and a friend to enter at 1pm the day before the sale opens to the public.

If you volunteer for (2) or more 4 hour shifts you will get 2 pre-sale passes and be able to enter at 10am the day before the sale will be open to the public.  This is the best pre-sale because it’s first choice.   This type of volunteering also gives you 70% of all total sales from your consigned items in the sale.

Please arrive 10 minutes early for your scheduled volunteer time. We will go over the plans with you.

You must be 18 years of age or older to volunteer. Children are not allowed to come with you during your volunteer shifts. This is for safety reasons.

Almost New Kids Volunteer

Click here to volunteer.